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We then follow the 2013 RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Plan of Work stages hat describes the process of designing and constructing building projects into a number of key work stages. The sequence of work stages may vary, or they may overlap to suit the procurement method and the project programme. Below is a simplified version of the 2013 RIBA Plan of Work stages.

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Project Brief

Whatever the size of the project, the brief is a vital part of the process. From basic information on a small domestic project to more complex documents for larger commercial developments, the importance of the brief cannot be underestimated. For a new house, the brief is likely to be a fairly simple list of requirements on the number of bedrooms, size of living spaces etc. We work with you to ensure the brief is sufficiently detailed before design work begins.


Sketch Drawings

We sometimes call this stage a feasibility appraisal. Once the project brief has been agreed, we will encourage a brainstorming workshop with you. This allows us to prepare a set of sketch drawings, which interpret these requirements and translate them into a design for the project. For some projects it may be necessary to investigate more than one option before deciding on the best way forward for the design. Once the initial sketch drawings have been finalised with you we may submit them to the local planning department for feedback as a pre-planning application.

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Design Proposals for Planning Application

The design drawings follow once a set of sketch drawings has been agreed. These will be prepared using current computer aided design (CAD) technology. These include the floor plans, elevations and sections along with information on the external colours, finishes and details of the site layout. These drawings will be sufficiently detailed for a full planning permission.

Detailed Drawings

At the detailed design stage decisions on a variety of things such as choices of materials, finishes, micro-renewables and heating systems will need to be made. With years of valuable experience and a good knowledge of new technologies and products we can advise you on the options available and which are most appropriate for the South West.

This information will be sufficiently detailed and specified to be used for building regulation approval and to gain basic quotations from builders. In some cases it may be required to produce a tender package to include all items of a project ranging from the type of roof slate to the inset door mat.

Depending on the nature and size of the project, input from other construction professionals may be required at this stage, for example structural engineers, quantity surveyors and energy consultants. Working regularly with other consultants means we have established strong working relationships and offer good value for money.

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At this stage our involvement in many projects will end as you make the decision to manage the construction process yourselves. However we can offer services beyond this point; ranging from a full service (including certification) where we will manage the appointment of a contractor and the construction contract on your behalf, to occasional assistance and advice where required. We can tailor this service to suit the needs of you.