What does an Eco Bungalow look like?

BkT have been commissioned by a private client to replace a bungalow with a bungalow. This bungalow is so eco, it actually costs nothing to run by using a combination of micro-renewables, solar gain and has outstanding thermal performance.

3d visual.jpg

Planning approved for exciting eco house, Porthtowan, Cornwall

The proposed dwelling will be constructed following passivhaus methods utilising high levels of natural insulation, high performance windows, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, photovoltaic panels, wood burner and an electric vehicle charging point. The dwelling will comprise white rendered walls, timber cladding, timber windows and a zinc standing seam roof. The materials and form derive directly from a response to its exposed environment and eliminates unnecessary details at junctions and roof penetrations. The roof structure uses timber glulam beams which have been designed to provide generous eave overhangs to prevent overheating from solar gain and provide weather shelter. The project been granted planning approval and construction work will start later in the year.


New Dwelling Cornwall.jpg

Planning Approved for building located on Dartmoor National Park.

We are delighted to have just received planning consent for an outbuilding following negotiations with the Dartmoor National Park Authority. The building will overlook Haytor and has been designed using a timber post and beam structure utilising a light weight foundation system for minimal environmental impact. Construction work is due to start in September 2013. Project link




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Topping out!

Extension to cottage nr Newquay.

Foundations, blockwork and oak trusses constructed. Roof vaulted and slates ready to be fixed.

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What is the Community Infrastructure Levy and how does it affect Cornwall?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new tax that local authorities in England and Wales can choose to charge on new developments in their area. The levy is designed to be fairer, faster and more transparent than the previous system of agreeing planning obligations between local Councils and developers under section 106 agreements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. 

In areas where a community infrastructure levy is in force, land owners and developers must pay the levy to the local Council.

The charges are set by the local Council, based on the size and type of the new development. Some Councils have already implemented the CIL whilst others are still at the consultation stage.

Reading through the proposals the CIL is designed to be non-negotiable. No CIL, no development. However, if developers are going to continue building housing stock to still meet the housing need they will will still need to generate a profit and with the addition of the CIL margins may become unviable. Unfortunately CIL will slow down any recent growth in house building with more sites becoming unviable to build on. This will also undoubtably lower the number of affordable houses from each scheme.

Cornwall CIL Watch

The consultation on the preliminary draft charging schedule closed on the 22nd April 2013.

Cornwall Council propose three charging zones for residential development, with charges of £0, £40 and £100 per square metre. The Tax taken from one area will in many cases benefit another i.e. If a self-builder/developer proposes to develop one house with a floor area of 150 square metres (Family sized house) in Morwenstow (North Cornwall), they will have to pay £15,000 toward the CIL and this could be spent in Helston which is proposed to pay nothing for development. 

Cornwall Map showing Levy per Parish.   Extract taken from The Community Infrastructure Levy Preliminary Draft - Cornwall Council P.5 02/13

Cornwall Map showing Levy per Parish.

Extract taken from The Community Infrastructure Levy Preliminary Draft - Cornwall Council P.5 02/13

If you want to know more about the CIL and how it may affect you if you are thinking of building then please call BkT Architecture on 01872 211645.